Zaram's Growth Docket


  • To gain foundational and in-depth knowledge of community management


  • Go through each of the topics created on the site
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Awesome! Combined together, these are really hefty goals, but they complement each other so they are achievable. To start off we will go small. We will work with a community you own and help you build and rebuild it. You will learn as we do this building.

To go on with the learning, answer me this:

:question: What kind of community would you like to start or grow :question:

If you already have a community in mind, please share it here giving as much detail as you can.

If you do not, that is also fine. Just share what kind of community you will like to create. If the answer to this isn’t clear, think about your hobbies or interests and share the one you currently enjoy engaging in or talking about.

I think I would love to create a community that helps each other with career opportunities and professional development. I am in a few and would like mine to be a bit more impactful. I have not yet thought out how to create a niche around this thought.

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Nice! I like that you want yours to be more impactful. Awesome sauce.

For the next step, you’ll be defining the WHY or the VALUE of your community. Basically, you’ll be answering this question:

:question: Why should I join your community :question:

This can be rephrased to read as “What is in your community for me?” or “What is the JOB people come to my community to get done?” or just simply*“WHY your community?”* why not any other career or professional development community? The why or the value of your community is the main reason people rush or join your community. It has to be compelling enough to PULL them in to your community.

To help you answer this, I will share a couple of resources. Go through them one at a time and reply here with what you learnt from them. Then ONLY after going through the resources and sharing your insights should you answer the question above. The resources are:

  1. The Jobs To Be Done Framework:
  1. Start With Why:

Your tasks should you choose to accept them will be:

Go through the Jobs To Be Done Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Go through the Start With Why Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Define and share the Value (the Why or the Job to be done) of your chosen community

My insights from the video “Jobs to be done” is that I need to find out what the prospective community members consider as competition to the community I would create. This would help me better craft my community to create more value/impact.

From the second video, my take home is to be able to streamline my “why” and sell same to prospective community members as people are moved by the “why”.

I will come back with my responses on the why and the job to be done for my chosen community.

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Love this! I like your insights, beautiful stuffs!

Perfect! Really looking forward to what you share :slight_smile:

Young adults (but undergrads and graduates) are looking to position themselves strategically in the society, in a way that gives them an edge professionally. They would enjoy more from a community where they pay little or nothing to access information that aids professional development, where they can meet other professionals thereby expanding their professional network.

This is why I am looking to grow a community that focuses on professional impact.

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Awesome one! I like this. I particularly like how you’ve more or less defined your community persona too with this statement:

It is similar to my persona and goals for Community Staples :wink:

The next step here is finding your Founding Members. People who have similar interests or goals with that of the community. Create a list of them and connect with them. We can do this together :slight_smile: