Somi's Learning Log

First step done. Now what’s next please :pray:

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Awesome! Your learning journey begins.

I’ll start with an overview of how your learning will happen here.

The learning happens as we converse here. We’d use this topic to go through your goals and I’ll share the materials and your tasks/assignments personalised to you and your learning goals.

This learning process is completely different from other methods of learning you may have experienced, so I’ll say keep an open mind and come hungry to learn.

If you want to see this in action, click this #learning to see the learning topics of others here.

To proceed with your learning, answer me this

:question: What are your learning goals for this program :question:

Basically, what do you hope to be able to do or get by joining this program?

Hello Osioke,

I trust your day is going well so far.

My apologies for the delay in replying, I had to tidy up a couple of somethings.

My Learning Goals are:

  1. To understand the nitty gritty of community management, from starting a community to growing or developing an existing community to it’s full capacity.

  2. To gain practical skills and experience in community management.

  3. To be able to land a job with the learning experience after the training. Or found my own community.

Thanks again for this amazing opportunity to learn from you.

Best regards.

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Beautiful, beautiful! Combined together, these are really hefty goals, but they complement each other so they are achievable. To start off we will go small. We will work with a community you own and help you build and rebuild it. You will learn as we do this building.

To go on with the learning, answer me this:

:question: What kind of community would you like to start or grow :question:

If you already have a community in mind, please share it here giving as much detail as you can.

If you do not, that is also fine. Just share what kind of community you will like to create. If the answer to this isn’t clear, think about your hobbies or interests and share the one you currently enjoy engaging in or talking about.