Eniola's Achievable goals

  • Getting Materials and resources on Community managing and moderation.
  • learning how to start meaningful conversation that aids active participation
  • Learning how to write engaging content for the community.
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Good one writing your goals, you still have to change your profile picture to make progress in your onboarding though.

Once you’ve done that and any other outstaning tasks, we can proceed to the next task.

I have done that. I have changed my profile profile and completed all outstanding task

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Noted, let us go on to the next task which builds on your shared goals.

To start off we will go small. We will work with a community you work in or own and help you build and rebuild it. You will learn as we do this building.

To go on with the learning, answer me this:

:question: What kind of community would you like to grow or start :question:

If you already have a community in mind, please share it here giving as much detail as you can.

If you do not, that is also fine. Just share the details of the kind of community you will like to create.

If the answer to this isn’t clear, think about your hobbies or interests and share the one you currently enjoy engaging in or talking about.

Hi Osioke, i am so sorry for the late reply. Been having issue with electricity due to the rain and it’s been messing with my work and all. It has been restore and I am ready to dedicate myself.

My current community is a Web3 community, more like a tech community, it is a community that have the vision to create safe space for all of our members, regardless of their age,ethnicity, gender,language and nationality.

Our goals is to get web3 builders on board.
Create unlimited workshops to provide hand on experience in the Web3 space for all web3 builder.
Provide information and connect members to web3 opportunities and events among other things.

I joined in as a complete manager and moderator to manage the discord and twitter account , been handling the community but not so well to the best of my knowledge.

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Seen, let me get back to you on Monday, currently OOO.

No problem at all. Thank you for your time

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Thank you for sharing! Now we will move on to the why of your community.

Here you’ll define the WHY or the VALUE of your community. Basically, you’ll be answering this question:

:question: Why should I join your community :question:

This can be rephrased to read as “What is in your community for me?” or “What is the JOB people come to my community to get done?” or just simply*“WHY your community?”* why not any other career or professional development community? The why or the value of your community is the main reason people rush or join your community. It has to be compelling enough to PULL them in to your community.

To help you answer this, I will share a couple of resources. Go through them one at a time and reply here with what you learnt from them. Then ONLY after going through the resources and sharing your insights should you answer the question above. The resources are:

  1. The Jobs To Be Done Framework:
  1. Start With Why:

Your tasks should you choose to accept them will be:

Go through the Jobs To Be Done Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Go through the Start With Why Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Define and share the Value (the Why or the Job to be done) of your chosen community

Thank you very much Osioke :blush:

I have gone through the Jobs to be done framework and here is my insight as to what i got from the video.

From the speaker’s story about Mcdonald, i figured that they had plans on improving on the milkshake from the perspective of the feedback they got from people.

The insight that i got from the illustration is that at the end of the research, they found out most people reason for buying their products is that they want something they will keep them in action .

So to get the job done ,you must figure out what will keep you going even after you have started, you should learn to observe and build a trust and relationship with your clients or community.

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After going through the start with why framework video i figured that , your answer to the question why answers most of the question that will be asked . The golden circle illustration is a perfect example of how to think and think deeply. I learnt that there should be an answer to Why you are doing what you do , what your purpose is , what your call is and what your believe is

I learnt that challenging the statues quo is what will drive people towards your community. I got the insight that People Don’t buy what you do but they rather buy why you do what you do

In building a community, grow with people who believe what you believe and those who believe in your why and that what you do simply prove what you believe. I am encouraged to start with the question WHY.

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I earlier mentioned that the goal of the current community that i am building is to have a community of Web3 builders, where you can grow yourself while learning how to transition into the Web3 ecosystem. We aimed at creating workshops, experiences , creating real life events and provide opportunities for every members amongs other things .

But why should people join and how do we stand out from every other Web3 community out there.

I will answer this using the golden circle illustration, answering and figuring thing using the idea from the inside.

I have figured out that their is a large number of people transitioning into the tech world but with little knowledge, we are keen on providing first hand information with clarity and your growth is important to the community in which your participation is required. We provide resources and tools needed to fit in into the system regardless of your background and by this we are the community of web3 builders that serve as a bridge among the people and the system and also communicate, educate and gives sense of belonging where you network and connect with other people from your chose niche.

By this i realised a community will be dormant if there is no why as to why it existed in the beginning.

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Nicely done. Your WHY isn’t convincing enough yet. It still doesn’t move me to want to join your community. To help you see this and better understand this, I’ll say find 10 other web3 communities, and find out what makes them work. This could be things that made you excited to join them or after joining the way you were moved to want to participate.

Yeah thank you very much. I myself wasn’t moved by the why yet :confused: :sleepy:. I will make research on more Web3 community and see what will motivate me to join their community. I still cannot figure out why the Why is difficult to come by.

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Don’t worry, it is not a easy something, it is also not a quick something, it takes time. And that is why I am here. The tasks and exercises I give you will make it easier to get and see what you need.

Awesome! Looking forward to what you come up with.

Hi @Eniolamercy how’s it going with you? :slight_smile: