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I am here to learn the entire dynamics of creating, growing and managing a community

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Combined together, these are really hefty goals, but they complement each other so they are achievable. To start off we will go small. We will work with a community you own and help you build and rebuild it. You will learn as we do this building.

To go on with the learning, answer me this:

:question: What kind of community would you like to start or grow :question:

If you already have a community in mind, please share it here giving as much detail as you can.

If you do not, that is also fine. Just share what kind of community you will like to create. If the answer to this isn’t clear, think about your hobbies or interests and share the one you currently enjoy engaging in or talking about.

i am literally so glad. because this opportunity came right on time. i just accepted a small offer as a community manager for project, so it would be great for me to begin with

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the name of the project is Akara Africa

We are a community where African creatives can show up freely and authentically as themselves to create pieces that represent our diverse cultures while supporting each other through mentorship and learning to utilize the vast opportunities that the blockchain space provides.

Below is the discord link and website

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This is a lot of English, English is good. Another thing that is good is simpler stories or narratives or easier to understand English. Let us see how we can make this simpler or easier to sell or push out so more people can key into it.

To do this, you’ll be defining the WHY or the VALUE of your community. Basically, you’ll be answering this question:

:question: Why should I join your community :question:

This can be rephrased to read as “What is in your community for me?” or “What is the JOB people come to my community to get done?” or just simply*“WHY your community?”* why not any other blockchain or NFT or Web3 community? The why or the value of your community is the main reason people rush or join your community. It has to be compelling enough to PULL them in to your community.

To help you answer this, I will share a couple of resources. Go through them one at a time and reply here with what you learnt from them. Then ONLY after going through the resources and sharing your insights should you answer the question above. The resources are:

  1. The Jobs To Be Done Framework:
  1. Start With Why:

Your tasks should you choose to accept them will be:

Go through the Jobs To Be Done Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Go through the Start With Why Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Define and share the Value (the Why or the Job to be done) of your chosen community


  1. i learnt to study and pay attention to details, including the most minute of them
  2. I learnt that it is a great idea to set-up a system that makes people attracted to us and what we do
  3. I learnt that timing is a strategy
  4. There is nothing bad in seeking extra hands to execute certain tasks

. there are patterns that set things right when building they: WHY, HOW and WHAT
.people buy why you do a thing and not what you do
. It is important to be driven by purpose
. Your drive attracts your kind
. Recipe for success in what you do is the right people, money and the right environment

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-Collaboration; -Learning; -Mentorship; and -Impact on African creatives.


The project was particularly founded out of a drive to set Africans creatives on the radar after discovering that a lot of Africans lack the right access to resources and information to give them an edge in the competitive marketplace

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Nice one Success! Really nice.

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These are good, but before marking them down, can you share how you came about this? Like what you saw or noticed or perceived that gave you these insights.

This still needs some tweaks. Why should I as a creative sign up there? I can go to Twitter to get on the radar? I can search on Google to find resources? So why come to your community?

Think about rephrasing it from a We want to change or We want to make perspective. Also watch a couple of Apple ads for their devices to see how they say their Why.

Why Akara?

The future of technology is very clear.

As communities experience class consciousness, we want to make individuals motivated to take their destinies into their own hands and control their narrative by learning desired skills and positioning themselves in the blockchain space

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My WHY influenced this basically, seeing that we want to create a consciousness in individuals with skills in other to position themselves rightly, i realized that to effectually carry this out mentorship, learning and collaboration has to be our frame work and if all this are incorporated the result would IMPACT on these African creatives

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Beautiful Success, beautiful! You deserve plenty accolades. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now that these are defined and from your reasons for these choices I can clearly see that they come from a personal understanding and motivation, we can move on to the next step.

Before that though and seeing as you’ll be managing the community for a brand or someone and it is not owned by you or you are starting it anew, let me ask this:

Are there any business goals set for the community?

For instance did the project owners tell you to do something specific like grow the numbers or increase engagement or some other task? If yes, we can use that as our focus.

If no, then answer me this:

What were you asked to do with the community when it was given to you?

I can’t wait to hear your answers!!!

Yes there are business goals to it:
The company would be building an NFT marketplace, not now though.
so the community get to become familiar with what we want to build before it comes live, such that when the market place is live we have a community that is ready to test it.

Actually we were 89 when i joined. The team is interested in organic growth and they made that clear to me and they did not state the numbers they wanted.

They gave me a free slate to build the community how i think is right and fits the goals. but i want to give in my best shot

so basically this are what i want for the community

and most importantly i am open to anything you want implemented and achieved in the community

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Cool cool, so organic growth and engagement, uniqueness and brand growth, while preparing the community for the NFT marketplace. This works.

So because you have an existing community with members and you want to grow the community organically, we will leverage the existing members. This is because organic growth happens through referrals; where existing members refer people to the community or talk about the community and share the community.

To get people to refer your community or talk about it, we have to give them a STELLAR experience. To give them this stellar experience, you need to know their needs or goals or the reasons they come to the community.

To get this and apply it, we will use my 4-Step process for community growth:

We will:

  1. Define the needs of the community and the community owner
  2. Create experiences that satisfy these needs
  3. Record growth from the activity created when members’ needs are met
  4. Capture value from the community growth to meet the community owner’s goals/needs

We will go through each of these ONE by ONE. Don’t rush through it.

So for the first task in this new stage, we will define the needs of your community members. We already have the needs of the community owners which is the business goals you shared earlier, now we will work on defining the needs of the community members.

Defining your community members needs

To do this, you will have to empathise and pull insights from your key/active community members. So first identify some of the key/active community members you have currently in the community. Make a list of them. Use psuedonames for them on this list and share it here. Beside each name, note what they do that makes you feel they are key or active. Your list should be atleast 3 members long. It shouldn’t be more than 10 members though, 10 members out of 89 is plenty. Share this list then we will move on to the next task.

1. KEVIN- He has been in the community for a while and has shown interest in what the team is doing and also engage with contents
2. ZAINAB- She is a volunteer content writer for the team as she say she believes in the vision and believes if the team is built well it would go far
3. SAMMYNAJ- He is a junior developer and has earned himself a free mentorship from the CEO of the brand due to his eagerness to learn in the community
4.SDQUMAR: He is a trainee developer and has earned himself a free mentorship from the CEO of the brand due to his eagerness to learn in the community

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Awesome! Next, you’ll talk to each of them to learn about their experiences in the community and how it has been. To do this, you’ll ask them a couple of questions in no particular order, and you’ll record their responses.

:question: How has your experience in the community been? :question:

You can rephrase or twist the question by inserting phrases like:

  • What happened … with your experience … ?
  • How did it go?

And when they answer, try to find out what they liked and did not like about the whole experience, you can use questions like:

  • What was your favourite part?
    • What did you enjoy or like the most about it?
  • What was your least favourite part?
    • What did you hate or dislike the most about it?

Once you’re done, share each of them’s answers (including the questions you asked) here raw and unedited.

Do let me know if this makes sense or if it doesn’t.

it absolutely makes sense sir

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Awesome! I await your findings. Also, don’t try to make the answer or post or research notes look perfect, just post it.

What has your experience being in the community: The community has been welcoming and i feel good because i was able to get the opportunity to learn about blockchain since i started writing for the project

What is your Favorite part since you joined: The team’s update . it makes me feel that the team have us in mind

Is there anything you would like to change in the community: Yes, i have always looked forward to this. we ain’t much in the community so i would like us to have events and activities it keeps us good

What has your experience being in the community: Fine generally, i can see the effort of my team members

What is your Favorite part since you joined: The assistance and mentorship

Is there anything you would like to change in the community: I would love more challenge to push me to do well

What has your experience being in the community: the community has been welcoming

What is your Favorite part since you joined: The tutoring by miss Ada

Is there anything you would like to change in the community: The community hasn’t been active for a while. i don’t know why though. i would love more activities

Only 3 replied sir

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Seen, let me get back to you on Monday, currently OOO.

Hmmm… How did you ask them the questions?