Ebere's Mentorship Program

Moving our email conversation here so it is a bit easier :slight_smile:

When are you free for a call? I’d like to understand a few things so we can get started and sorted. :slight_smile:

Can we jump on a call by 4:30pm if it’s fine by you?

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In 5 minutes yeah? That is tricky. I was looking at tomorrow for the call, would that be better?

Tomorrow is fine,
What time would be okay?

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Since I picked the day, I’ll let you pick the time. Anything after 11 AM is okay by me.

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I think 12noon is fine.

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Awesome! Let’s do 2022-03-29T11:00:00Z :slight_smile: Invite sent!

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I’ve accepted the invite,
see you tomorrow.

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Hi Osioke,
About the assignment from yesterday.
How would you prefer I share it with you?

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Feel free to post it here or share using any method that makes it easy to click the links so I can see the communities.

I don’t have links on what I have
I could get links before tomorrow morning

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Cool! That works. Don’t forget you have to include what you liked and what you didn’t like and what you think could be improved.

I didn’t include those o

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And now you know to include them! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello :wave:t5: @Blackbee :smiley:

Good morning

:sunny: :slightly_smiling_face:

Good evening

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  1. The Big Birthday Bash
    Exclusive birthday parties with everyone who share the same birth month.
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    • I like that the parties are exclusive and you can come with friends.
    • I hate that it’s a night party
    • It could be better if

  2. Lagosonabudget
    This community explores the life of Lagos on a budget.
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    • I hate that the payment method for bar crawl, Faaji is only available on mobile
    • I like the budget-friendly idea of exploring Lagos

  3. Filmsundays
    Movie watch community held on a Sunday monthly
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    • I love that its movies and they spice up movies and other events
    • I hate that its suspended for now and there was no post stating that reason
    • They could have been innovative in continuing the events instead of going on break indefinitely

  4. Verysinglelagosians
    Social dating community which connects Lagos singles through social events and games.
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    • I like that you get to really meet nice people eventually
    • I hate that you can’t genuinely know when a player shows up in sheep clothing and what if you just waste a whole night. Also, there will be a lot of role play, people pretending to be who they are not.
    • It could be better if I

  5. Lostinlagos
    For Lagosians looking for hangout stations. They help you navigate Lagosians and guests on top spots for suya, milkshakes, burgers or restaurants.
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    • I like the idea of collaborating with MasterCard to get some food at cheaper rates and that there a loads of varieties

  6. Teawithtaypod
    A community that discusses societal issues and personal experience in a fun light-hearted and entertaining way.
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    • I like that people can tell their stories live and this stories are relatable
    • I don’t hate anything about them just yet

  7. Openhouselagos
    A community of architectural lovers. They organize festivals called “ohlagos” and get together to see outstanding architecture in Lagos.
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    • I like that a community of architectural lovers exist , very unique and it’s free

  8. Americacorner
    An American community in Nigeria that teaches Nigerians the culture and lifestyles of America. This is achieved through their library, documentaries session, movies, trainings and exposes Nigerians to opportunities to work and study in America
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    • I hate that it’s not African culture we are talking about, why learn about the American culture as a Nigerian?
    • I like the idea of a library and the different events for upskilling

  9. Q creative community
    A physical and Mental community for creative. Also offer book club open From Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm.
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    • I like that it’s a close community and I love book club
    • I hate that there isn’t a lot of information about them out there

  10. Feminist Coalition
    A community of Feminist and angry women who are aggressively passionate about women empowerment.
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    • I love that it involves women
    • I hate that there are hate speeches sometime
    • It could be better if it there was no hate for the male folk

11. Github
A community opened to developer for open source contribution.

12. Dribbble
A design community which serves as a pool of inspiration for other designers to learn, share, grow and get hired.

• I love that you could use this community to get employed from wherever you in the world

13. Under40ceos
Built for young business leaders in Africa who are making giant strides in African’s economy

14. Sheleadsafrica
A community of Africans helping smart and ambitious African women live their best lives through education, events webinars and other programs

• I love that it is women supporting women and how their activities are engaging

15. Medium
A space that is open to content creators who are open to sharing their ideas, discoveries and experience

• I love that people share their ideas freely

16. Medhelp
A health community where people find support through clinicians, medical personnel and other patients

17. Mckinsey Forward Africa Alumni
We equip young leaders with practical skills across leadership, business & digital. Free online learning program by McKinsey.

• I love the coordination and the educational materials been shared. I am a member.
• It could be better if we met physically at least once every year.

18. Airbnb
A hospitality company that offer homes and experiences of travellers with a large community who help drive their businesses through their stories.

19. Patientslikeme
Helping patients heal together, get answers, and take charge of their health.

20. YALI Network
A community of young leaders who aspire to drive change in their communities and the world at large through programmes, community service, the Mandela foundation etc.

• The community offers free courses and travels for its leaders
• It could be better if

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Neat! So what would you say you learned from this?


So far, I think I have a different view.

I Honestly didn’t imagined I belonged to a couple of these community, like She code Africa, Americancorner, Mckinsey Forward Africa, and to think that I derive value from them.
There are a lot of community and I have a different view now.

Lesson learnt: Value is at the core and people always long for a sense of belonging, that feeling of being part of something, is priceless!

This worked! :blush:
Thank you for making me do this!

I took a lot of time because it was an interesting thing to do :blush:

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