Learning Track for Zaram

I am not quite sure where to go from here @osioke

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When becoming a manager whether a community manager, a product manager or any kind of manager, one of the biggest ways to learn and grow is by using the ancient art of stealing.

Not just the usual stealing, but stealing of ideas.

The word stealing here can be replaced with copying, so the art becomes The Art of Copying.

So to answer your question of what to do here, go back to the main Get Started! topic and read through what others have done and copy them. I even recently showed someone what to do in that topic, so once you read it, you’ll see what to do.

Then once you do the Get Started onboarding completely, you should have a better understanding. You can also see more of what others have done via this link: #learning, go through the topics of others there.

We celebrate learning by doing here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! Off to steal :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool, I’ll be waiting and watching! I see you’ve created a new topic to track your learning, I’ll set this one to close in a few days. We can continue the discussion there.

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