Idowu’s Learning streak

Trying to understand the exact concept of community management and what a day in the life of a community manager looks like.

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Good one posting your learning goals @Tarasoyebo, you’ll also have to complete the onboarding before the learning can start. Head on over to the Get Started! topic to do this.

I already completed my onboarding process @osioke .Thank you very much for the reminder

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Thank you for sharing your learning goals @Tarasoyebo, go one. Before going on, I’d like to better understand your goals, so let me ask this. What exactly do you mean by:

Or why do you want to learn that?

Also, why do you want to learn:

For both of your learning goals, you could easily do a quick Google and see what a day in a Community Manager’s life looks like and what the concept of Community Management is. I am not even sure if it is a concept though or what you mean by ‘concept’ here.

So help me understand why these are your goals for a full learning and training program like this.

This is not entirely my goal for the program. I just put that out for a start.

You’ll have to put/detail your entire goal. You also have very limited time to do this as you have spent too long on the most basic part of the training.

Hi @Tarasoyebo how’s it going with you? :slight_smile: