Update 1 on Learning Cohort Sep22

The cohort members are all taking their time on the training and this was different from how I perceived it would go.

I still want to help people be the best community manager they can be, but to do this while allowing the program to have some structure, I have decided to open it up to being a continuous learning program as against a cohort-based learning program. This will give everyone more time to participate as their schedule allows.

What this means is that anyone can sign up and join the learning program anytime they want, and they can take as long or as short as they want to finish the program. I’ll also take my time in replying and following up here, focusing on the active members.

So @trainees, if you were worried you’ve been slacking, worry no more. The program is now slack free!

For anyone reading this and wants to join/sign-up for this as it is now open, feel free to share this link with them:

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