About the Learning program

Need to learn how to start, grow and improve your community skills and career while gaining real-world community experience? This program is for you. You will learn by doing. :slight_smile:

It is more of a Bootcamp where you’ll get your hands dirty and build a community or a community product from scratch and scale it. Think of it like a community incubator program, where you start and grow the community and/or community product, and get shared ownership and income from them. We have the following training:

And are working on the following training:

  • Become a Community Product Manager
  • Become a Community Growth Manager
  • Become a Community Product & Growth Manager

For each of them, you will start from scratch, and we will take you through a remix of the following learning materials we have created.

Beginner training materials

Intermediate training material

Expert training material

We will also help you get a job as a community manager.

To sign up for this training, apply below.