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I want to learn how to pivot and grow my newsletter

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Nice one posting your learning goals. You’ll have to complete your onboarding before the learning can start @Fluffy_OTP, head on over to the Get Started topic: Get Started! to do this.

Hi @osioke, I am done with the onboarding process. Thanks for the reminder

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Thank you for completing that. It took you quite a while. Please try to be faster for your tasks as if you move too slowly, I won’t be able to wait for you.

Nice goal! But before jumping into this, let me understand your goal a bit more. When you say ‘pivot’, what do you mean and why?

Hi Osioke,
Thanks, I understand.

As for my newsletter, I started it when I was just starting my career sharing what I know with people at that stage but now I have grown past that, but I still want to keep that audience but with a different messaging this time.

Do you understand?

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Okay, this makes sense. You want to change the messaging for your newsletter and grow the audience. Good one.

Can you share more details about your Newsletter? Details like name, bio, overview, links, some of the subject/titles of old emails or links to them if available, and everything else. Let us better understand your newsletter. If you can sell it, sell it in your reply.

Okay, sure.

I teach upcoming copywriters and folks how to get better in selling wth words and tips on how to produce effective marketing campaigns. I don’t have a name for my newsletter but here is the link to my newsletter.

Here are some past emails embedded in these subject lines:

I hope these links are enough. But incase, you skipped it; here is the link to the landing page of my newsletter which I intend to change its copy but don’t know to what.

I already have a draft but I am not sure if it will be final (I don’t want to change the landing page often to maintain consistency.)


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God bless you Tobi! Beautiful detailed. :slight_smile:

I want to take my time to look through all the links and I’ll reply as soon as I am done. Thank you for taking the time to share.

Hi Osioke,

No problem. Thanks for your time

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I have gone through this and all the links, but I will take some time to reply here because with your newsletter, you do not have a multi-sided community and so it is actually outside the scope of this training.

While growing your newsletter is possible, I’ll be walking you through Growth Management as against Community Management. And I plan to do the Growth Training cohort later, not now.

Let me sit on this and I’ll get back to you. But if you have some thoughts on what I said, please share.

Hi Osioke,
Okay, sure.

Well, in my newsletter, I have managed to build a two sided community (they respond to my mails and even ask me questions) but would this be lost when scaling? and can this be tagged as a two-sided community?


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Oh! I see I see, this is useful feedback.

With respect to pivoting and growing your newsletter, answer me this:

:question: What is the product you are selling to your readers :question:

The question can be rephrased as What is the value you offer to your users? OR What is the job your readers come to you/your newsletter to get done?

To help you think about the job to be done, I’ll share some resources. Go through them to figure out the value or job people come to your newsletter for.

  1. The Jobs To Be Done Framework:

After that video, also watch this one to get a deeper understanding.

  1. Start With Why:

Once you’re done, re-look at the question I asked above and share your answer.

Really looking forward to what you share.

Hi Osioke,

Thanks for your reply. I will look into this and get back to you by this weekend latest.

Thanks once again!

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Hi Osioke,

Long time. I have my answer for this question and is this: To give clarity to young people. Now what I haven’t settled on is; on what?.

I will be happy if you could jump on a quick 5 mins call with me. I believe I will get more clarity once I do. Thank you! and hope you’re enjoying this monday break?

Time for me is quite expensive for me now, so a call is tricky. If you can type it out, that will be better.

Hi @Fluffy_OTP how’s it going with you? :slight_smile:

Hi Osioke,

Thanks for checking up on me. So I have decided to position my newsletter “for undergraduates or fresh graduates that want to pivot into getting international remote jobs (especially in marketing)”, but what I share can be applied to any skill.

This time, I will be sharing my process instead of telling them what to do. This way, my messaging will be broad and not too streamlined. And I will also not lose the attention of my existing subscribers.

Does it make sense? Well, this is the updated landing page for the new positioning. What do you think?

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You’re welcome!

You finally see the job to be done! Like the real reason people learn! There is still more depth to this though, but you’re on the right track and this will take you there.

I see I see, I feel like my style is being copied here! :sweat_smile: Good one though. But know that not telling them what to do would make the time to value for them longer and thus harder, and it may make them drop off and not complete or follow through. This may make it seem like your process isn’t working initially and so you’d have to be patient.

That said, doing it this way gives you opportunities to improve your own understanding and helps people truly learn, but it isn’t necessarily what they immediately want.

So yes it makes sense.

That is a lot of text! Try making what the main value is for them very clearly stated in the first sentence or so, it may pull them in faster.

Another thing on my mind is this platform, I feel I may be making it harder for you to respond and share and was wondering if adding a WhatsApp group for this would make this easier for you. What do you think?

Hmm, okay!
Will make the value immediately known in the first few lines then. Thanks for your feedback.

Also, piggybacking on your point about process and telling them what to do will make the learning process longer (and unfortunately they drop off); My strategy will be to start each newsletter with my process and tell them what to do at the end.

This will shorten the process and also they will look forward to subsequent mails since there will be context to the action item they receive.


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