Success's Learning Log

Good morning Sir Osioke,
The questions i asked are below, started as a conversation of how they are fairing and all that

What has your experience being in the community:
What is your Favorite part since you joined:
Is there anything you would like to change in the community:

Thank you sir

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Okay, let’s assume I am one of them, redo the conversation, discussion, questioning with me as you would.

Hello Isiokee,

Trust you are doing good?

I genuinely want to thank you for your contribution to the development of Akara Africa community

You are truly an AA army

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Aww, thank you, I appreciate this :blush:

Always welcome my friend.

People like you have kept our community lively

If you don’t mind buddy, can you share with me how you stay in the community has been generally

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Oh, it has been good I guess, nothing specific has stood out to me, I tried joining the Discord server and it didn’t go through, I have just been enjoying the conversation through what you share here :slight_smile:

Ouch, so sorry about that

I think probably the discord link got expired. Would do well to send you a new link immediately. It would be great to see you fully in the community
Thank you for hanging on despite the difficulty you got joining us

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No worries. I still enjoyed the community though and all.

(feel free to still shoot through other questions or end this if you like)

Thank you for your kind heart, friend.
feel free to communicate your worries or questions as we are indebted to making everyone feel clear with our visions

Best regards

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Let’s take a pause on this, and let me spend some time in the community, so you can follow up after a week to ask me the questions again. Would this be okay @SUCCESS?

The community isn’t that active. Because from the Ceo she said most people that joined were colleagues who just joined because she was the one. So here is me trying to grow the community from scratch. So currently we are planning a developers Bootcamp in October to fully launch the community and kick it up. So that is what is currently on board. So currently i am reaching out to developers who want to transition into web3 to let them know what we are about before we roll out the flyers. So the Bootcamp would be like a new launch of the community and we move from there

Interesting. This feels like the goal post is being changed as my understanding has been the community exists and is growing. From what you are saying it seems the community is more or less a new community, which changes the way to approach this and means I have to go back or backtrack and redo the work I thought was done.

Give me a bit of time to review everything here and I’ll get back to you.

Alright sir,

Thank you very much and sorry for stressing you out

I have thought about this and along with your selection on the recent terms and agreement I shared with you, this free training is not a good match for what you need unfortunately.

I am sorry but we won’t be able to continue the training for you at this time. Thank you for your understanding. This topic will close in a few days time.

Thank you so much,

But i would love to know why the sudden change of plan.

The form i filled was sincere. I wasn’t paid for the job as i was using it to grow myself that was why i ticked otherwise

I am grateful to have met you and also grow in ways i did

Best regards

If you look at the question on the terms and agreement, it says No incurs a cost. I don’t want to charge for this training yet and even if I went that way, I can’t bring in a cost this late into the training for you. So that alone puts a stop.

The other factor is the switch where I’d have to walk you through starting a community from scratch after walking you through growing an existing community. That is too much work on my end.

The combination of these two points leaves me with the only option of stopping the training.

Alright thank you so much sir,

I perfectly understand, thank you for your help already

Please I will appreciate if you can send me some resources at your disposal yyo help me

Best regards
Success Ola-Ojo