Gozie's Community Management Learning Path

Ask your friends why they started their businesses, and see how you can help them achieve it so you can turn that into a sentence that represents:

Why they should join your community

That is the goal here, having a phrase or sentence that tells anyone why they should join your community in a very compelling way.

They read it and are like; WOW! I gats join oo.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: I know… I am going to work it out

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Okay, when should I expect this?

My community will help Online Entrepreneurs, Online Vendors, and Business owners master marketing and sales, so they can make more money from their business

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Next up is to identify your founding members. You’ll be looking for 3 to 10 individuals, so you start small and build a foundation of the right members who are core believers and are very serious about what you want to build.

Your task here, should you accept will be:

Write out a list of your founding members

Following the detail I described above

Just had my first cohort session and got some positive reviews

First, I got my core community founders and had an orientation with them last week.

Then I Scheduled the meeting and prepared talking points.

I made sure to be at the top of every conversation coz I am still establishing control and influence. And I gave out assignments too.

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Awesome! This means you’ve gotten the founding members and started your community successfully! Yay for you!

I’d say don’t look at it as control or influence, think of it more as flow or structure. As a community manager your job is more to guide, not necessarily lead or own. :wink:

Yeah… I understand. Thank You

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