Gozie's Community Management Learning Path

Na to dey track my progress.

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  1. To learn how to better relate with Humans.
  2. To learn how to grow and sustain communities
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Sweet! We’ll be starting from scratch, so I’ll ignore everything you’ve shared so far in the application process and start anew.

Combined together, these are really hefty goals, but they complement each other so they are achievable. To start off we will go small. We will work with a community you own and help you build and rebuild it. You will learn as we do this building.

To go on with the learning, answer me this:

:question: What kind of community would you like to start or grow :question:

If you already have a community in mind, please share it here giving as much detail as you can.

If you do not, that is also fine. Just share what kind of community you will like to create. If the answer to this isn’t clear, think about your hobbies or interests and share the one you currently enjoy engaging in or talking about.

I Would like to create a self-sustaining community. One in which its members all help each other grow and evolve. I would want to create a community that promotes mutual learning, friendship building, and collaborations on projects and activities.

I decided to not limit it to any industry or niche coz I’m a person of many interests.

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This is a big one :sweat_smile: and I have a similar dream too. :slight_smile: For a community like this though, you have to put in the work and be active. Can you put in the work?

I ask if you can put in the work, because replying here took you quite a while. You’ll have to be faster for your tasks because if you move too slowly, I won’t be able to help you with this training.

OMO… I am Slacking. I had issues with my phone so Ive been offline for a while. But I’m back and stable now.

Ive made a remidertt o check this place every day for new updates.

Apologies for the extrememly late reply

Interesting. The delay on your reply already removes you from the program, sorry! You can reapply when the next one starts.

Okay Gozie. I’ve thought about this and I have changed my stance. If you are still certain you’re up for this, let me know.

Yes Iam. Thank You so much

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Okay, cool. Let’s continue from your last task.

What do you mean here?

This sounds really good in writing, but because it isn’t specific to act on, it doesn’t help here with respect to a community you can build now and people would want to join.

So try and be a bit more specific.

:question: What specific kind of community would you like to start or grow :question:

Feel free to ask questions if you need any help.

I want to build a community for Small, Growing, and online business owners, where we learn marketing styles specific to their niche. How to sell, how to write compelling copy and persude customers, how to grow customer bAases, etc.

A community for small business owners

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Nice! This makes sense :slight_smile: I love your community idea. To get started with building it out, you’ll be defining the WHY or the VALUE of your community. Basically, you’ll be answering this question:

:question: Why should I join your community :question:

This can be rephrased to read as “What is in your community for me?” or “What is the JOB people come to my community to get done?” or just simply*“WHY your community?”* why not any other career or professional development community? The why or the value of your community is the main reason people rush or join your community. It has to be compelling enough to PULL them in to your community.

To help you answer this, I will share a couple of resources. Go through them one at a time and reply here with what you learnt from them. Then ONLY after going through the resources and sharing your insights should you answer the question above. The resources are:

  1. The Jobs To Be Done Framework:
  1. Start With Why:

Your tasks should you choose to accept them will be:

Go through the Jobs To Be Done Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Go through the Start With Why Framework video and share your insights as a reply here

Hi @Gozie how’s it going with you? :slight_smile:

I’m alive. been looking at the videos but I haven’t had a concise answer yet. I will wrap up my study this week Sir

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Cool cool, looking forward to what you come up with.

That said, would using a WhatsApp group make all of this easier for you?

It would make it so easy… We could come here to submit taskas and have more rounded discussions on WhatsApp

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I’ve tried to use big words to craft this and Ive failed each time.

My Why is Simply “Growth”

I want people to grow in the area of the subject matter for the community. Whether on the blockchain or learning how to market their online business.

Especially for the online business, I have a lot of friends who are online vendors and it hurts to see how much they are struggling to get it right when I have the answer that could help them and give them an edge

THE JJOB people would come to my community to get done is Growth, because GROWTH IS A FULL-TIME JOB. Put simply, I want [people, to grow to the point when they can do it themselves or they decide to outsource it, but even when they do outsource, the processes and operations to get it done are not lost on them, they are not confused by the jargon otr industry speak, they are not ignorant of the strategies and best practices, so they wont be deceived with mediocre work and can filter enough to get the best at outsourcing.

I just want people to grow. I no get wahala

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Nice one!

There is still more you can pull out from here. You mention growth and helping your friends’s businesses grow online. But why? Why would your friends’s businesses want to grow?

Make sense! I just created the WhatsApp group, join here: Community Staples WhatsApp Group Invite

Hmmmmm, Will rewatch those videos again and dive deeper. Thank You

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The answer is looking at you Gozie!

Why do you work, why is anyone working? The core reason is usually something to do with $$$