Does daily communication or activities mean or make a community successful?

Continuing the discussion from Somi's Learning Log:

No, unless the communication or activity actually helps the community members be better in some way. Unless it helps them solve some or all of their needs.

This makes the communication and activity helpful and useful to the members and thus makes the members successful. Once the members are successful, only then is the community successful. The members are directly proportional to the community.

Helpful or useful communication or activity in a community can be daily or weekly or even yearly, one just has to find what works for the community they are in.

So with this answer, another question arises:

How does a community manager know if a communication or activity is helpful to their members?

If the communication or activity is helping the members or is being used by the members, then it is helpful and useful. If it is not, then it is not.

There are also instances were it is being used by the members or they say it is helpful but it isn’t. As a manager you’ll need to know and understand your members’ true pains, so you can cater to them.

You’ll also need to remember to serve them the members, and not serve just the metrics, company or brand with the communications and activities. So next time you have something to share or do in the community, ask yourself

“Is it helpful to me, the manager, the metrics, the company, the brand, the business or is it helpful to the members?”

You can also take your time to discover the needs of your community members and then use those in combination with the needs of your business or brand to create useful and helpful communication and activity to help your members be successful and thus you successful.