Become a Fullstack Community Manager

Hello there and welcome here. We want to help you be the best community manager you can be, to help you learn all the skills (the full stack of skills) you’ll need to build or manage any community of any size, type or need.

To do this, we will be taking you through the experience of building a community from scratch, growing it and monetising it.

What you will learn

As you go through this program, you will drop old mindsets and learn new ones like:

  • Design Thinking: How to find and solve problems
  • User Thinking: How to make solutions users want
  • Business Thinking: How to turn solutions into business opportunities
  • Growth/Market Thinking: How to hack businesses to grow
  • Project Thinking: How to work and build efficiently

You’ll also learn key Community Skills like:

  • People Management: How to manage people to manage themselves
  • Program Management: How to create, execute and manage programs that improve engagement between community members

For each of them, you will start from scratch, and we will take you through a remix of the following learning materials we have created.

Beginner training materials

Intermediate training material

Expert training material

Who is it for?

Anyone of any skill level. The only requirement is that you want to start, build or grow your community.


Free. We will pay you to learn.

We want to build a Community Consultancy, Incubator and Accelerator. If you’re successful with the training you’ll join us and get paid for this learning as you use it to build successful communities we all co-own.

We will also help you land a job too!

Who will take this training?

Osioke Itseuwa. He is a Community, Product and Growth Consultant based in Lagos, Nigeria with over 10 years of experience building communities and products across multiple verticals.

Interested? Apply via the form below and we will get back to you.



Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Yipeeee.

I am super glad to have been accepted for this program. Thank you so much :innocent: